Friday, June 29, 2012

Although it's hard to read here, the sticker on the windshield of the old truck says "City of Phoenix, Dumping License, Permit 70". The regal peacock has chosen the hood of this oxidized, ancient truck to utilize the permit! This piece is almost finished...hooray!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here is "New Olympic Sport: Show Bull Jumping", about 50"x61", oil pastel. It was started several months ago and is now finished. Do note the lilly pads, frog, fish and buzzard...he's sure that he's going to get a meal out of this one! The look on the rider's face really lets you know how he feels about this adventure!
Here is a new piece started and you'll see the irony and humor as it develops. It's a 24x18" oil pastel on unprimed wood panel. These are the first layers in a harder oil pastel to block in the colors and values. As the layers are added, the oil pastels chosen will be softer and more oily.
I actually saw this peacock on the very old Ford truck years ago when I was living in Arizona and just loved the foil of the flamboyant, beautiful bird against the ancient, worn out truck.