Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello, everyone, and sorry to have been silent for a while. About a month ago I had a small stroke that left my painting hand inoperable. There are still health issues to be resolved, but the coordination in my hand is returning and I'm back to creating.
Here is one I've always wanted to do and appropriate for the upcoming sense of humor didn't diminish in the brain attack! It's 10'x10" oil pastel on board and is available for $250, a nice present for someone special.

And this one got finished's called "Turn About Is Fair Play". It's 24" x 60", in two panels that are available separately or together. The croc is $350 and the roper is $500. A little hard to see in this small size, but the cowboy has roped the croc around his belly and the crock has grabbed the rope in his jaws to wage real war with the cowboy. Again, a nice present for someone with a sense of humor! Email me,, and I'll send you a larger size to see before you buy.