Friday, February 20, 2009

Coaching Humor 1

I'm back and apologies for being away with other life events. Now, back to work. I have laid down bright orange as a base color to give this piece a warmth and zing as other colors are laid on it. As this piece unfolds, I'd like to call upon you all for suggestions for a funny and descriptive title. I hope you get inspired as you see the story appear. On another note, one of the hens has nine chicks, which are adorable. I'm hoping to photograph them soon as they come and go from under the hen's breast and fluffed out, arching, protective wings. They are especially cute as they hop up on her back for a better view of the stall they are currently in. As we have plentiful hawks here, the mom and chicks will stay in their stall for a bit longer until the chicks are big enough to graduate to the chicken pen (and not be able to squeeze through the chain link) with the other members of the flock. Then, the elders will teach the chicks about running for cover when the barnyard alarm is sounded by the rooster during their free range time. If you go to my website, you'll see the painting called "Barnyard Secret Service", where two roosters are scanning for hawks and have ear pieces to communicate quickly with each other. Thanks for watching and we'll have fun with this painting. By the way, wiith the recession and the dismal economy, my contribution to making everyone feel better is to produce work that will make people laugh. A good chuckle is good for everything that ails you!

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