Thursday, April 16, 2009

Barn Book 5

Hooray! The story is unfolding. Lance and Ruffles are sharing a moment of mutual curiosity. Or maybe it's all about barnyard gossip...the fox came around last night and raised a ruckus trying to get into the hen house. You've never heard so much cackling and complaining from the hens! And those devious little Shetland ponies played tag and dodge ball in the moonlight, keeping the other ponies awake until 3:00 AM! And now everyone's quite grumpy from lack of sleep, except the Shetlands who are soundly snoozing under the oak tree. 
Well, I'm off tonight to my big treat of the year: 4th row center seating at a Jimmy Buffett concert! All you Parrotheads out there will surely notice the influence of  that upbeat and colorful music in my next paintings! 

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