Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New pieces to be posted

Here is Ruffles guarding the prints that have pencil illustrations at the bottom. Animals are always welcome in the studio and there are many cozy beds scattered around for snoozing. Also, here is a diorama called The Polo Picnic, and it measures about 14" wide and 10" tall. The background is from one of my paintings, and the foreground has many details and goodies: a little dog about to scarf down someone's unguarded sandwich, bottles of Gilbey's Gin and Chevis on the table, a cake, pastries, cheeses, Cokes and grapes underneath, and a bucket of carrots and apples on the chair with a halter, polo mallet and ball close by. There are plants, grass, a little fence, and a basket of watermelons. This piece will go on the website when I return from the World Equestrian Games in KY, but if you are interested in investing in this fun work that is guaranteed to make you smile, you may reserve it now for $500.00. More detailed photos from different angles are available.

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