Thursday, May 14, 2009

Belle 1

"The Wheelers" has been put away to rest and let the paint set a bit. In the meantime, here is the beginning of "Belle", who was photographed by her person after an exhausting job of helping in the office... by tearing up papers pilfered from the waste basket! This is going to be a tough portrait to do. The reference photo is posted here, and I have some other photos of markings. This one is 18" x 18" on gallery wrapped canvas, watercolor underneath, and maybe on top. also. We'll see. This is in the experimental category...which means that I will probably lie awake at night noodling over how to get it right. Suggestions are always welcome!

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John said...

Belle is 13 1/2 now and still does paperwork occasionally. She will come to my desk when I am paying bills, look up at me expectantly and I know she wants me to give her an important document or envelope to shred. So, I make a big fuss over a piece of paper and she lunges up to get it and proceeds to rip it apart. Corgis are very entertaining, but sometimes you have to clean up after them!