Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Dancing Tree 1

Here, as promised, is the next step on The Dancing Tree. I'm following a suggestion to give it color, so here goes. There are many layers to be added, and this piece will be substantial...as in weighty! All the texture comes from pulling threads out of an old stable towel, laying them down with acrylic medium, bit by bit, and giving that old towel new life as a work of art. The frolicing rabbits are there on the left and they will be joined by maybe an owl in the hole in the tree, all in sculptural relief. This is an arduous and lengthy process, so I'll be working on another piece at the same time as a break. The Dancing Tree will be strong and very touchable, so I'm hoping that even sight impaired viewers will have the fun of finally being encouraged to feel the art!
One more thing...The Offering has been featured on the cover of Sidelines magazine and you can see it by going to http://www.sidelinesnews.com/. They also did a very nice writeup about moi...gee, shucks. You're an insider because you got to watch as this painting came to life, step by step. The original is for sale ($2450) and prints are available ($85 plus tax and shipping).
See you next time!

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