Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home again

Hello again. I'm back from the carriage driving competition, The Laurels near Unionville, PA, in one piece. The weather was windy, winter coat cold, and rain blowing sideways. Many vendor booths had rivers of water flowing through them. We had to move several items away from the tent leaks and rain blowing in, but we managed. I had, fortuitously and by chance, taken a large box of yellow rubber ducks with me which we gave out to everyone in honor of the weather. We also were very popular because we had a bowl of chocolates for visitors! We featured a beautiful 1905 English antique carriage that everyone enjoyed. There was a slide show going on at the front so visitors could see works that were not present in the booth. So, now I'm back in the studio, preparing new works for a show this winter. The Dancing Tree has been brought out to be finished and I will post a photo of it tomorrow. Many thanks!

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