Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm back

Hello, everyone, I'm back from a long time out. I had a month long show at the Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, VA and then another month's show at the Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, DC.

I was asked to provide awards for the winning team of a 20 goal polo match, also in VA, so four large prints, with unique hand drawn illustrations at the bottom, were given to the victors.

I am switching everything over to my new website, so if you are on, please go to and see the new pieces that have ben added. Very soon, the switch will take place completely. This blog is available on both sites.

I have been busy taking encaustic workshops working in molten wax and producing pieces in that medium. Several mixed media pieces were sold before I could get them on the website. I was so exhausted from the three shows, one here in Aiken, one in VA and one in DC, that I had to take a break. But, I'm back at work in the studio again and producing fun pieces very suitable for Christmas presents.

Margueritaville is once again pumping out on my stereo, and I've got renewed energy to "get on with it"!

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