Sunday, September 19, 2010

A question for you

I've just completed a piece that is encaustic (molten wax) and mixed media (plastic, oil pastel, paper, fabric, pen, etc.), and I'm wondering if any of you know about encasing encaustic in resin? I'll post the piece next time...drumroll in anticipation...before I ruin it by experimentation. Resin, while it cures, becomes very hot and that could lead to some pretty undesirable melting effects with wax! Maybe I could put a thin skin on it first which wouldn't heat up the piece too much, and then the work would be protected for the next pouring of resin. Just thoughts...any advice?
It feels good to get back in harness again in the studio. Life is good! I'm reading a really interesting book called The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. She dedicated a year to figuring out how to be happier; it's a wonderful and instructive read guaranteed to make you thoughtful, in a happy way, about your own life.
A little chuckle for you: my sister recalls seeing a garbage truck many years ago driving through the little town of The Plains, VA that stated on its side, "Satisfaction guaranteed or double your garbage back". Have fun today!

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