Monday, March 9, 2009

Coaching Humor 5

Hello, everyone. For some reason, this painting is about to get the best of me. I have found that I need more courage to approach this one in the studio than many of the others I've done. I guess it's the detail that I can't get with this brand (Senellier) of oil pastel, which is very soft and won't make a point easily, especially with the warm weather we've been having. I may have to refrigerate some of the colors before I use them and then rub them on sandpaper for a point. I've removed and repainted the girl's face four times. Anyway, I'm at it again and I love the suggestions for a title. From John, "I know we had another passenger when we left -- did he fall out when we ran over that rut?" From Linda, " I think I might be tempted to call it "Hazard" or.."Haphazard"! And from Wendy, "Wait, didn't somebody bring the sherry?" I love them all! Many thanks for your encouragement, and, the chicks are doing well. One of the babies ran over to the rooster this morning, meeting him for the first time, snuggled between his very tall legs, and then the chick ran to his back end and grabbed his long, flowing tail feathers with a hard yank! The rooster stood like a statue and let the baby do this without a single batting of a combative eye. What a good dad! The hawk was around today, so the chicks will have to grow more before I let them out of the stall into the flock. The other day, the hen heard the hawk alarm call being sounded, made a low growling noise to her chicks, and the babies ran to a hay pile, flattened themselves down and burrowed into the hay. They stayed immobile until she told them they could come out. Nature is grand! I gave them a banana today, and the hen ran over to take a big bite. She had banana squishing out both sides of her mouth and rubbed her beak back and forth on the hay to clean off the excess. The babies were scared of the banana but saw her wiping her beak, so all nine chicks imitated her and rubbed their beaks on the hay even though they had not helped themselves to the banana! What fun!

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Linda Shantz said...

Louise, have you ever used coloured pencil to help with detail and moving around the oil pastel? I've had good success with that, especially with the Senneliers that are so thick. You'll get it! And glad you're having fun with the chicks! :-)