Monday, December 1, 2008


It's December 1 and here is the next step with Oscar. I have added more layers and am still trying to get his expression just right. I hope you will send me comments, especially if I forgot a leg, eye or someting else that is obvious to you and not to me! I actually forgot to put in a horse's leg one time, but caught it at the last moment! The painting is getting close to being finished. This is when I get nervous that it's not what the client has in mind, or the colors aren't right, or the setting isn't right. A cliff hanger!
My new, bumper-pull trailer has arrived and tomorrow it goes for lettering that will announce that it's the traveling art studio of Little House Productions. It has living quarters in the front and removable horse partitions in the back. I designed it as a mobile studio and exhibition space for taking to horse shows or other venues. It even has air conditioning in the back so patrons can view art in comfort, and has a very wide entrance door from the front quarters to the back exhibition space. What fun!'s winter and cold here...Florida is sounding very nice about now.

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