Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ruffles is doing much better now and is resting well, so I have time in the studio today. More branches and roots have been added to the Dancing Tree, as well as more texture on the trunk. Now, we'll be getting to the good part...making this a piece that you'll want to reach out and touch! The towels are being dismantled, sometimes a thread or two at a time, to make the delicate branches, and long strips are crimped and rolled to make larger textural parts. I'm using gloss medium diluted with water as the "glue", and the resulting piece will be sturdy and touchable. I saturate my threads or drop medium onto the surface and then lay the threads down, coaxing them into ribbons and shapes. Out of habit from working with oil pastels (very messy), I usually work in medical gloves. Hope you're having fun watching this piece come to life, and that you will click on the image to enlarge the photo and see the details better.

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