Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of the Marsh

This is a re-work of an older piece that was never quite right. I have photographed it without its wood box to let you see it without the glare of glass on the front. All of my pieces will now go to Shelly Schmidt to be professionally photographed for posterity and record keeping. I started with a large shoe box, painted the inside, and built the log, rock and water. The water is one layer of mirror, then inks, then a layer of glass to give it real depth of water. The pony is made of paper and painted with acrylic and oil pastel, and mounted with a paper tab behind the pony, allowing the pony to be suspended above the log. The marsh reeds are wispy peacock feathers. This was a really fun piece and I'll take it to Shelly to photograph with the box completed and all mounted. Also, along the top, you'll see a row of little lights so that the battery pack you see below, which all disappears inside the back of the box, can be switched on to provide interior viewing illumination. I'll post a photo of the fully assembled piece later. I'm tired, so I'm off to feed the ponies, put the chickens to bed, feed the doggies, and then treat myself to a well deserved light beer! (I'm a cheap drunk, so a light beer is all I can handle!)

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