Friday, January 16, 2009

Timing Is Everything!

Hello and we're off to a new start today. I used a medium on Let's Ride Diver Dogs that has to dry a bit before I can paint more, so here's the beginning of "Timing Is Everything". I have transferred my drawing to an 18" x 24" gesso board and will get right to laying in the base colors. This will be a scene from the saddling paddock at the Aiken Steeplechase where the trainer is attempting to give the jockey a leg up onto the horse. Usually, the jockey gives a little hop and the person giving the leg up uses that momentum to boost the rider. Sometimes the two get their timing wrong and one lifts up when the other isn't quite ready to hop. Embarrassing...HA! This necessitates another attempt, but, in the meantime, the jock looks like a one-leg-hobbled frog! Meanwhile, the horse is ready to go and impatient with all the delay and scuffling beside him.

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