Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Timing Is Everything

I've made a bit of progress in getting the basics in and can't wait to see how this piece surprises me with its own special challenges. Has anyone had trouble getting to this blog? Let me know, as someone had problems, and I'll see about straightening it out. Ruffles had her pin taken out of her leg this morning and she's doing great. See you tomorrow!

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Tim Fitzgerald said...

Louise -

No problem finding the Blog at all. I googled your name, and the link came up instantly!

OK - so I have a weak memory. But the previous piece, (Cowboy riding leaping dog) is fantastic! Great concept!

Brainstorm...since you have the gift of humor...I'm wondering what little twists you might put on the Aiken boy and girl under umbrella symbol??? I'm wondering if variations on that theme (and prints of the same) might lay down a locally based cash flow for the in between times? (Was once married to an artist...have a history of thinking about such things.)